Easily import LawPay transactions into QuickBooks Desktop

Connect LawPay and QuickBooks Desktop for a more accurate finance
management, accounting, and reporting.

Synder seamlessly synchronizes LawPay and QuickBooks and simplifies finance and accounting management for business owners and accounting professionals. The app automatically imports LawPay transactions with the necessary details into QuickBooks, which prevents errors, saves time on bookkeeping operations, and facilitates reconciliation.


Get more details on importing
LawPay transactions into QuickBooks
Desktop, categorizing them, and
reconciling in less than 60 sec.


Useful features of Synder you need to give a try

One-time easy setup

With Synder, you need as little as Sign Up and install a small connector-program to connect both LawPay and QuickBooks Desktop accounts to the app. A one-click initial standard setup is enough to start working, but in case you need more sophisticated settings, you can choose to go through a step-by-step process.

Limitless historical data synchronization

Synder can automatically import ongoing and historical LawPay income transactions into a LawPay Bank Account that it will create inside your QuickBooks Chart of Accounts. The process smoothly goes in the background -just make sure to keep the Synder connector and your QuickBooks open, but collapsing both windows won’t interrupt the sync process. This helps free your hands for more business-critical tasks. ""

Detailed transaction data import

Synder imports LawPay transactions with the necessary details, which allows you to search for and track any transaction by customer name in the Customer Center in QuickBooks, so you’ll be able to see when the payment was made or whether the customer has any outstanding transactions, etc.

rollback synced transaction in seconds

No duplicates and rollback at any time

Synder protects your books from messing them up with duplicate data or erroneous transactions. The Rollback function allows to undo any transactions synced by mistake in bulk, and Duplicate Detector prevents duplicate data to enter the books.


Fast reconciliation

With all the transactions successfully synced in the LawPay Bank account in your QuickBooks, you can easily identify them in the Bank Feeds section, so you can create deposits to move money to your Checking account. For all the LawPay transactions, select the LawPay Bank account in the Account field. Then click Add/Approve in the Batch Actions dropdown menu. And that’s it. In less than 60 sec, your LawPay income is ready for reconciliation.


Leverage the high level of granularity for the imported data

LawPay transactions are synced with QuickBooks Desktop with a high level of detail: Payment date,
Amount, Customer, etc. — everything goes to the right place.

LawPay Account QuickBooks Desktop Account

Amount (1)

Amount (1)

Account Holder (2)

Customer (2)

Payment Date (3)

Date (3)

Payment Method

Payment Method

(Example) Here is a transaction you have in your LawPay Account:

The LawPay transaction has been correctly synced with your QuickBooks Desktop account:

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