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Hassle-free Afterpay Xero integration

Power your accounting with Afterpay x Xero smart synchronization! Easily connect your platforms and record all your payments automatically. Boost your business growth with neat accounting backing you up!

Features you’ve been looking for

Check out what Synder is offering out of the box and automate the entry of your Afterpay transactions with Synder accounting accompanying you.

Auto-sync of Afterpay transactions

All your Afterpay sales are now recorded in your Xero automatically! Easily get all your payment details in your accounting platform without any manual actions.

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Synder features

Due date reminders for your customers

Keep all your accounts receivable paid on time! Automatically send out invoice due date reminders and “thank you” emails to your customers with the “if-A-then-B” no-code rules.

sync historical transactions

Limitless historical data import

Don’t miss any sales information in your accounting platform! In just a few steps bring in and record all your historical transactions from Afterpay into Xero. No time limits!

sync historical transactions

 Zero errors or duplicates

Forget about any errors or data duplicates in your Xero. Synder will take care of your books and make sure that there is no discrepancy in your Afterpay data!

  Full-support onboarding

Synder’s support team is 24/7 available via chats, emails, phone calls and screen sharings to make your onboarding easy and fast. Enjoy quick Afterpay + Xero integration!

Afterpay + other platforms you use

Connect all your platforms in use into one eco-system for multi channel data reconciliation.

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Excellent! 100% worth it!

Synder solved what I have been painstakingly doing with a ridiculously elaborate import routine via Excel. I’m a longtime accountant and have not had an experience like this. It was as if Synder were literally in the next cubicle working for the same company.
Well done Synder!

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Sarah, accountant

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