Upgrade your business accounting with Menards
QuickBooks and Xero integration

Import your Excel spreadsheet with Menards online store sales data to Synder and connect it with QuickBooks Online to improve your financial management

Menards account owners might often get the following questions: How do I track Menards sales? Is it possible to get various Menards payment methods in one place? Accounting professionals might also wonder how to make their work easier and quicker to spend less time on accounting or get more clients.

The good news for both business owners and accountants is that Menards QuickBooks integration is ready to solve your problems. No Menards receipt will be lost from now on, Synder can help you deal with multiple payment methods, and many more functions are prepared to be delivered to you.

Menards integration
How to consolidate transaction data from payment and accounting platforms with Synder
Start using Synder by following these simple steps:
Transfer data to Excel
Transfer your Menards sales data to an Excel file.
Upload your data
Connect your QuickBooks or Xero to Synder and then upload your Excel spreadsheets to Synder. Here is the guide page with step-by-step instructions.
Use new features
Your Menards sales are now under your control and you are able to manage reconciliation, synchronize transactions, create tax and sales reports, etc.

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Get ready to enhance selling online management with Synder

Find out what benefits you may get with Menards QuickBooks integration.

Unlimited connection

If you use other unsupported platforms, you may
connect them all to Synder and your accounting
platforms in the format of Excel spreadsheets.
You will be able to distinguish transactions from
each of them and manage them in the settings.

Sync any transaction data

Sync all of your payments, expenses, refunds, and deposits. You may import the historical data and update it with your Menards’ upcoming sales. After you upload an Excel file, you will have two options: either to click on the “Import for review” button before synchronizing your transactions or “Sync right away” to import them straight to your accounting company. ""

Precise reconciliation

Whether it is tax time or you simply want to keep your books neat and in order, accurate reconciliation of your books is possible with Synder.

Synder smart features for automated bookkeeping

Secure books

Undo any transaction syncs with the Synder Rollback function. The Duplicate Detector warrants no duplicate data in your books.


Exact financial statements

Synder’s exact calculations will let you compile top-notch P&L statements.

Menards accounting

Multi-currency payments

If you receive payments in multiple currencies, Synder will carry out accurate conversion rate calculations according to pay rate on the day of the transaction made.

Detailed records

Track your financial activities and create Tax and Sales reports, where you will be able to mention such important information as item and customer info, discounts, shipping fees, Menards rebate receipts, locations, etc.

Synder synchronizes fees, taxes, and all other important data
Improve your online business accounting with our new integration
Synder warrants safety and a worry-free experience.

Absolutely smooth experience

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